About us

TEA is a non-governmental, not-for-profit advisory firm. A multi-regional organization that studies and uses data to promote evidence-based decision-making.

TEA uses a holistic approach to understand data and stories behind the data to help people and organizations make sense of situations. We are able to do so by bringing together a team of data scientists, data governance specialists and economists who are passionate and keen in understanding the ‘language of data’. At TEA, you will get clarity to your questions and issues pinned on data and their respective governing structures.

TEA has recent on-boarded a junior team consists of youth - mid to late teenage. In a few years of its operations, TEA realized the need to have an input from our young generation. To bring an accurate account of youth experience, we needed to include them as part of the team. We believe, not just on social inclusion, but also on authenticity of data. TEA juniors offer the firm with an authentic perspective and experience of a young person in the digital world. Their contribution forms an essence to our work, especially those bearing on children and youth rights in the digital era.

Our Firm's objectives
Provide communities with an online free access to original research and data through our online database.
Promote online safety through awareness programs and publications.
Provoke policy dialogue and legislative reforms in data protection and privacy, cybersecurity and digital governance in general.
Support evidence-based decision-making through research.
Our Firm's Approach
We view and use data in a holistic approach to better understand systems, and situations.
Our services
TEA thorough research and offers consultative services tailored to leverage data insights, assisting businesses in making informed decisions, and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the digital sphere.
TEA with a focus on accuracy, we provide advanced data analytics techniques as our experts extract invaluable insight from complex data sets, empowering businesses with predictive models and future trend projections.
TEA provides in-depth analysis and guidance in legal, regulatory, and policy matters pertaining to data governance and shaping strategies aligned with evolving regulations in the digital landscape.
TEA provide bridge between data insight and organizational strategy. We help analyze procedures, market trends and performance metrics to identify opportunities for organizations innovation and earn competitive advantage.
TEA offers training programs focused on data privacy, equipping organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate complex data regulations and fortify data security measures.
TEA supports new and existing organizations to comply with data protection laws, and offer advice on security requirements. We provide guidance in conducting Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).
Our partners
Privacy Lens Africa
DA4TI - Digital Agenda for Tanzania Initiative
Breakthrough Attorneys
APLA - Association of Privacy Lawyers in Africa
Tanzania Privacy Professionals Association
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