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Patricia (Dr. Jur) Boshe
Executive Leader | Policy Analyst | Researcher | Data Protection and Legal Tech Consultant

Tanzanian currently based in Germany, Patricia is a data protection specialist and a policy analyst. She has a Ph.D with a dissertation on data protection reforms in Africa; and a Master degree in IT and Telecommunication Laws. She began her career some 18 years ago as a university lecturer in Tanzania. She continued on this path after finishing her Ph.D at the University of Passau in Germany. By 2018, Patricia had specialized, almost exclusive, on data protection and digital governance. In 2020, she attained DEKRA data protection specialist (Fachkraft für Datenschutz (FDS)), adding practical skills to the theoretical skills obtained from her university degrees. Patricia is currently affiliated at the Research Centre for Law and Digitalisation (FREDI) at the University of Passau.

Her nearly 2 decades’ experience in teaching, research and in-depth legal and regulatory analysis, both in Africa and Europe, gives her a unique policy perspective and a unique vantage point in understanding and navigating the current polarized geopolitics and their influence in policies, and especially those related to digital economy and transformation.

She has proven track-record in advising public and private institutions, government as well as international organizations in Africa and beyond on matters relating to data protection and governance as well as and digital transformation and digital economy. She is also trained in project and quality management with a DEKRA quality manager 1 and 2 certifications (Qualitätsmanagementbeauftragte und Qualitätsmanagerin).

Patricia is hardworking, resilient, focused, detail oriented, creative thinker and open-minded. She possesses intercultural skills; she is outgoing and a team player.

Josephina Nshunju
Data Privacy Technologist (Consultant) at Volvo Autonomous Solutions || Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania || Founding Leader APLA || founder and director TPPA

Josephina is a Tanzanian advocate, currently living and working in Sweden as a consultant as well as on an assignment at Volvo Autonomous Solutions. She has a huge passion in data (protection) governance structures and their evolution. She is so passionate that she, among others founded the African Privacy Lawyers Association (APLA) and the Tanzania Privacy Professional Association (TPPA). The two association, both non-profit associations with the aim to support lawyers in Africa and Tanzania respectively, in their learning and transforming their career journeys to the emerging data and digital governance structures.

Before she endeavor towards data protection and digital governance specialization, Josephina worked as an in-house counsel for a bank in Tanzania for 14 years. In 2021, Josephina made a firm decision to focus her career on data protection and digital governance. In doing so, she undertook professional training and acquired CIPP/E Certification, ISO/27001 Certification on Dynamics of Information Security Management Systems and attended Cyber Security course from the Open University UK. She is currently working on attaining a Certificate of Information Privacy Management. Josephina is also a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Emmanuel Boshe

Emmanuel is a specialist in Information Systems Analysis and Business Intelligence Analysis. He has successfully obtained his degree in Business Information Technology and has decided to invest his efforts in solving societal challenges through innovation. Recognizing the importance of data in the healthcare sector, he has chosen to focus on the operation and management of health systems implementation under HISP Tanzania, which is part of the HISP World Network under the University of Oslo (UiO).

He has effectively managed the implementation of various projects for UiO both within and outside the borders of Tanzania. One such project is ‘Shinda Malaria’(Defeat Malaria), which is currently in its final stages to ensure the eradication of Malaria through data in Tanzania. Additionally, he is involved in the 'One Health' project, managed by the Government of Zanzibar and UiO, where data is utilized as a primary source for disease surveillance, particularly those transmitted from animals to humans.

All of this is powered by data. By acquiring accurate data and presenting it effectively, such as through dashboard analytics or reports, existing data can significantly aid decision-making and help solve numerous challenges within society.

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